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Trademarks Journal No. 275 Injunction against a local counterfeiter
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IP Law Syndicate-Bangladesh is a patent attorneys practice whose goal is to provide aid in all matters connected with the protection of intellectual property rights, their transfer and commercialisation. The firm was formed in 2008 as an initiative of founder partners, who made the choice to merge their experience gathered over several years at other patent agencies. The patent attorneys representing the practice are licensed to conduct all manner of cases dealing with IP protection.


Due to the professional qualifications of the partners, right from its inception, the partnership has specialised in the protection of IP in the areas of patents, industrial designs as well as in trademark cases.


Our services include: the preparation  of patent application, and industrial model proceedings; registration of trademarks in Bangladesh and abroad; representation of parties before appropriate courts in all contested matters and in connection with the infringement of exclusive rights; patent or trademark invalidation proceeding; and the evaluation of the possibilities of successfully conducting the above proceedings.


IP Law Syndicate-Bangladesh is a well-balanced team composed of lawyers, patent attorneys and specialists practicing in the main fields of technology and intellectual property protection.



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